Safe Haven




          It was his safe haven. No one would think to look for a man inside this hiding. Except for them. He knew they’d come riding.They always knew where he would be. Hurting him was their daily goal.They threw their tainted thoughts at him, and made him doubt his own soul.He headed home, looked into the mirror, he could see a man who needed to be cured. And it was seldom on nights like these, that in the caves of misery he would be lured. 

People would mock him, and taunt him, and convince him that he shouldn't be alive. Yet there was one person who taught him why he must survive. She was breathtaking. Bright like the fire birds. She loved who he was, and refused to let society beat him with their icy words. But all their voices would never completely fade. They’d throw curses at him which would cut like a blade. One day, she managed to convince him to come out and visit a place where there were more people like him. Where there were no scowls or grunts, and the men weren’t as grim. They stepped onto a lit-up beach. He immediately loved the vibe.There were people who felt like him, it was all his tribe. She remained by his side, while he continued to look around. Half expecting the dark ones to come and kill the little happiness he had just found. But they didn't. A smile formed on his face. His clipped wings began to ease. The music urged him to groove, and he truly could kiss the breeze. In the beginning, he swayed slow, and his feet would only stammer. But by the end of the night, he was dripping with sweat after banging his head like a hammer.



As they walked back to his place, he felt ...happy. His steps were light, his soul wasn’t sappy. She left for her place after he entered his. In his room he looked into the mirror and planted a big kiss. He was not abnormal. He was not weird or in need of any cure. He was perfect the way he was. And for the first time he was sure. He was ready to come out of his safe haven. He walked down into the living room. "Mom ... Dad ... I'm gay.”, he dropped it with a cloud like mushroom.The conversation that ensued was filled with words like grave. He had come out of his closet, but his parents were still living in an ancient cave. He ran back up the stairs, and dialled the only person he knew was sane. She was there in fifteen minutes, and they decided to go to that place again. The music got him within no time, the beats today were quite loud. There were bright neon lights and it was a joyful crowd. Then sparks flew. Screams. There were gunshots. People ran over each other. Stamping. Wounding. There was blood around in big blots. They had found him again. They had found his people. They would kill the joys. All they wanted to do was choke the love only because it was between two boys. They were wrong to say that love was theirs, and was only black or white. No colours. No rainbows. No vibrancy. Not a different shade of light. She fell early. And he couldn’t do much when he felt a bullet move through his heart. He looked at his lover, held his hands and said, “Adi, from now you are my favourite work of art”.

Sketch By: Savni Panandiker